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Teri Browne, PhD,

Making Change Happen

Dr. Teri Browne has developed a groundbreaking model for explaining kidney transplant disparity. Her model is based around social networks, and it focuses on reducing health inequalities, especially within the African-American community. For example, part of her research explores the psychosocial reasons why patients might not receive kidney transplants. She found that if patients know someone who has had a transplant, they are more likely to succeed in pursuing and receiving their own. Such findings have led to research that will help patients navigate the health systems that have often excluded them.

Dr. Browne is passionate about working with interdisciplinary teams, including doctors, nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists. Her research projects also incorporate patients as collaborative partners from conceptualization to implementation.

Dr. Browne’s recognition reached an international level when she was invited to India to speak at the country’s first national conference of renal care professionals. She also spoke to social work students at a local kidney hospital in a small town in India, drawing the largest audience in the hospital’s history. In South Carolina and abroad, Dr. Browne is raising a voice for kidney disease patients to reduce inequality and improve health outcomes.

Research Background

Dr. Browne was trained to do mixed methods, trans-disciplinary research at the University of Chicago, and she uses a variety of different types of research to explore psychosocial barriers to health outcomes. She partners with students, community members, and consumers to most effectively design, implement, and translate research relevant to health social work, particularly related to kidney disease. In 2012, Dr. Browne was one of 13 faculty members from the University of South Carolina system recognized for her research innovation with a Rising Star Award. In her second year at the college, Dr. Browne received a $421,091 NIH R15 grant that allowed 8 undergraduate and 5 graduate social work students to receive intensive training on health disparities research.

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Contact Information
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  • Office: 803.777.6258
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Major Classes Taught
  • SOWK 677 - Psychosocial Aspects of Health Outcomes
  • SOWK 678 - Transforming Health Care for the Future
  • SOWK 722 - Foundations of Social Work Practice With Individuals & Families
  • SOWK 733 - Advanced Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities: Administrative Skills
  • SOWK 777 - Advanced Theory for Social Work Practice: Health & Mental Health
  • SOWK 800 - Intellectual and Historical Foundations of Social Welfare and Social Work
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