How Faith-Based Initiatives Contribute to Community Health in Greenville, SC

Community Call to Action

Community Call to Action

Community Call to Action

The College of Social Work

We collaborate with the local, national, and international community to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research, and service.

orlando49We Stand with Orlando

The University of South Carolina will hold a memorial tribute for the 49 souls taken in the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando at noon on Wednesday, June 29 2016 in the Hollings Room of the Thomas Cooper Library. Click here to read more.

Featured Faculty: Kristen Seay

Kristen Seay squareAs an assistant professor in the College of Social Work, Dr. Kristen Seay’s research focuses on improving the lives of families affected by parental substance use.

stop violenceRally to Stop the Violence

Several faculty and staff from the CoSW attended the Rally to Stop the Violence on Saturday, June 18, 2016, on the south lawn of the Statehouse. We gathered briefly after the rally to talk about the impact of the various speakers and the demonstration. Click here to read more.

Donor Spotlight: Leon and Connie Ginsberg

GINSBERG ALUMNI““We are not accustomed to making large donations and really don’t have the means to do so often—but the College is one place we were and are anxious to help.”

offenderCoSW faculty lead initiative on the Mental Health of Offenders

Led by Drs. Dana DeHart and Aidyn Iachini, the program will establish a summer institute to train corrections staff and students on how to respond to inmates experiencing mental health issues, including crisis intervention, discharge planning, coordinating care with community providers and working with families of prisoners. Click here to read more.

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College of Social Work Notes

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DeHart, D., & Shapiro, C. (2016). Integrated administrative data & criminal justice research. American Journal of Criminal Research.


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