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Transdisciplinary Community-Engaged Research

ResearchDollarsOur research goal is to promote social justice and well-being with innovative research that directly and immediately benefits communities and individuals. Using rigorous qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we advance scientific understanding and develop practical knowledge about social conditions. 

We explore the causes and effects of social well-being and of social problems. For example, we seek to better understand individual resilience, mutual support, and family cohesion as well as larger issues such as poverty, crime, and preventable diseases. 

Our researchers also search for the most effective interventions to promote well-being and prevent social problems. Such interventions may involve action with individuals, families, groups, communities, organizations, environments, or social policies.

We often employ community-engaged approaches to research, and we value direct interaction within the community. Our faculty have connections to diverse communities across South Carolina, the nation, and abroad.

 The College of Social Work conducts numerous action research projects and is home to Centers and Institutes where students can be directly involved in research, technical assistance, and training.

Join us as we combine scientific knowledge with the experiential knowledge of communities and work together to improve lives.  

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