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Social Work and the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
Authors: Andrews, C.M., Darnell, J.S., McBride, T.D., Gehlert, S.
Description: This study explains how social workers are uniquely equiped to advance the ACA and become the patient's navigation and care coordinator amongst other things.
Citation: Andrews, C. M., Darnell, J. S., McBride, T. D., & Gehlert, S. (2013). Social work and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.Health & Social Work,38(2), 67–71.
Date Posted: February 16, 2015

Finding Joy in Social Work
Authors: Terry Wolfer, M. Freeman, Miriam Freeman
Description: This study evaluated 26 social workers to determine the joy in their field. Making connections and being there for the client emotionally was a key factor of their work joy along with other aspects.
Citation: Pooler, D., Wolfer, T., & Freeman, M. (2014a). Finding Joy in Social Work: Interpersonal Sources. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 95(1), 34–42. Pooler, D. K., Wolfer, T., & Freeman, M. (2014b). Finding joy in social work. II: Intrapersonal sources. Social Work, 59(3), 213–221.
Date Posted: January 2, 2015


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