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Young, Black and Gay: The Documentary

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The College of Social Work

We collaborate with the local, national, and international community to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research, and service.

Dannicia Laws webSocial Work Excellence

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW)–South Carolina Chapter recently honored a College of Social Work Professor and student at the spring symposium held in Columbia from March 21-23. 


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Student Spotlight: Mary Wilder

Mary Wilder web

Social work was not Mary Wilder’s first or second choice for a major at the University of South Carolina. But her desire to help others was a perfect fit for her and the College of Social Work. 

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NASW SC Doward Hunter webCollege of Social Work at the 2018 NASW-SC Spring Symposium

The College of Social Work was well-represented at the 2018 National Association of Social Workers (NASW)-South Carolina Chapter Spring Symposium from March 21-23 in Columbia. 

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Featured Alumni: Marc Himes, '01 MSW

Marc Himes edited

Marc Himes is the program manager for the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families. The Columbia-based organization is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System and supports statewide fatherhood programs serving fathers and families. He is also a current MSW field instructor.

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Opioids and the Workplace

The opioid epidemic is a critical issue facing South Carolina and the nation. According to College of Social Work professor Christina Andrews, Ph.D., the United States is losing more people now to opioid overdose than at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

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College of Social Work Publications 

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