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Naomi B. Farber, PhD,

Making Change Happen

Dr. Naomi Farber says she has “always been a social worker” at heart. With a background in cultural anthropology, she could’ve taken many paths. However, she decided that social work would be the best investment of her life’s work. Much of her research has focused on adolescent pregnancy prevention and teen parenting, and Dr. Farber hopes that she has contributed to the “amazing improvements” that have occurred in those fields. 

Yet, Dr. Farber believes her biggest impact has come through teaching. She noted that while research adds a small piece to a much larger body of knowledge, educating future social workers has an ongoing way of making change. She is inspired by a sense of obligation to the future clients of her students, and she feels that her transdisciplinary background helps her connect students to new sources of insight to help those clients.  

Dr. Farber’s dedication to her students and their future clients has led her to become the MSW Program Coordinator. From this position she will continue to help students find their calling and broaden their bases of knowledge. “When I see that students have found their calling, then I know that I’m doing something right,” she said.

Research Background

Dr. Farber is an Associate Professor in the College of Social Work. She earned her MSW from the University of Michigan and her PhD from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. Her research interests include issues of family formation in the context of both urban and rural poverty, with a particular focus on prevention of adolescent pregnancy, services to adolescent parents, high-risk sexual behavior, and HIV/STI prevention among adolescents. She is author of Adolescent Pregnancy: Policy and Prevention Services, a resource integrating cross-disciplinary research and theory to inform practitioners in a range of service professions.

Dr. Naomi Farber

Contact Information
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 803.777.8816
  • pdf icon tinyCurriculum Vita
Major Classes Taught
  • Intellectual Foundations of Social Welfare and Social Work, II (Doctoral seminar)
  • Advanced Practice with Individuals
  • Advanced Practice with Groups
  • Advanced Practice with Families
  • Social Work Supervision

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