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Monique B. Mitchell, PhD, CT

Making Change Happen

Youth in foster care face many challenges as they prepare for and transition into independent living. Dr. Monique Mitchell works to help these youth bring their concerns and successes to the forefront of systems change.

Dr. Mitchell, an interdisciplinary professor, focuses on enhancing the lives of children and youth in foster care. For six years, Dr. Mitchell served as the state director for the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) data collection for youth transitioning out of foster care in South Carolina. She developed a nationally recognized methodology that has helped South Carolina and other states approach youth with sensitivity, establish meaningful relationships with them, and ensure that they’re being heard. Her supervision of research associates, program coordinators, and graduate students also led to the development of youth-centered independent living resources and a nationally recognized website for youth in foster care.

Dr. Mitchell's current research explores the intrinsic resources of youth in foster care and how they draw from their innate wisdom to transcend adverse life events. She is an international scholar in the Enhancing Life Project (http://enhancinglife.uchicago.edu/) and is invested in research that focuses on children's lived experience of grief, loss, and meaning-making. She regularly consults with the Child Welfare League of America, the National Foster Parent Association, and the United States Children's Bureau.

Dr. Mitchell believes that youth in foster care have the right and ability to change the systems that serve them, and she is committed to providing the resources and support to make this possibility become a reality.

Research Background

Dr. Mitchell’s research specialties include the lived experience of children and youth in foster care; vulnerable life transitions; grief and loss; meaning-making; youth empowerment; and spirituality. Her specific expertise involves consulting with children, youth, and invested parties in the child welfare system to inform policy and practice and to develop resources and curricula that serve youth in foster care. Dr. Mitchell is certified in thanatology, specializing in bereavement counseling. She is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research, with expertise in hermeneutic phenomenological research.

Contact Information

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  • Office: 803.777.9542
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Major Classes Taught
  • SOWK 762 -  Loss, Grief, and Social Work Intervention
  • SOWK 309 - Life Transitions: Grief and Loss
Community Partners
  • South Carolina Department of Social Services
  • South Carolina Foster Parent Association
  • Palmetto Association for Children and Families
  • Child Welfare League of America
  • National Foster Parent Association
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