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Maryah Fram, PhD, MSW

Making Change Happen

When Dr. Maryah Fram looks back on her career in 20 years, she hopes she can say that she helped end child hunger in America. Dr. Fram said that we know little about child hunger in the U.S. because most research focuses on adults. By interviewing parents and kids in public schools, Dr. Fram has identified children whose hunger has gone unnoticed. As a result, families have received food that they wouldn’t have otherwise. But Dr. Fram says this is just a “small beginning.” In the long term, she wants to provide research that not only removes structural barriers to people’s success but also changes the way people think about hunger. 

For Dr. Fram, ending hunger is just one piece of achieving social justice. She envisions a future world where a child’s socioeconomic background has no bearing on what he/she can achieve. Ensuring that everyone can fulfill basic needs is a start, but she says we can make broader changes when we alter our attitudes. “Encounter every person you meet as a whole human being, with their own dreams, aspirations, challenges, and struggles,” she advises. “See problems as your own, and see people as deserving of respect.”

Research Background

With background in early childhood education and child development, feminist theory, and child and family social work, Dr. Fram uses a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine structural causes of inequality, and to develop new practices aimed at enhancing child and family well-being.

Fram M

Contact Information
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 803.777.5945
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Major Classes Taught
  • SOWK 741 - Social welfare problems and policies
  • SOWK 742 - Social welfare policy analysis
  • SOWK 791 - Social work research methodologies
  • SOWK 802 - Conceptual model building
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