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Field Education Office Professional Development Series

Field Education Office Professional Development Series

Field Education Office Professional Development Series

Taylor Marcia Davies

Marcia Davis Taylor  (Ph.D. student)


Marcia Davis Taylor earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from South Carolina State University and an MSW from USC.  While working toward her master’s degree, Marcia participated in the Maternal and Child Health Training Program in the College of Social Work. She is the founder, President/CEO of Chrysalis Women’s Health Collaborative, founded in 2009 to focus on the improvement of health outcomes of girls and women. Marcia has worked for local, state and national nonprofits, managing and directing federal, state and privately funded grant programs. She worked for five years providing clinical counseling and community advocacy services on behalf of child and adult victims/survivors of interpersonal violence. Marcia was recently appointed as an Assistant Professor of Social Work and as the Field Coordinator for the BSW Program at SCSU. Her research interest is in the area of African American women’s health outcomes. Marcia’s mentor is Dr. Ronald Pitner.  

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