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Field Education Office Professional Development Series

Field Education Office Professional Development Series

Field Education Office Professional Development Series

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Jerry Reynolds  (Ph.D. student)


Jerry F. Reynolds II received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from The Catholic University of America and his MSW from the University of Michigan. He has 13 years of post-MSW experience in education and social work and has worked in college campus ministry, homeless prevention, post-Hurricane Katrina community development, school admissions and fundraising, and most recently, medical social work. Jerry has several years of coaching experience at the youth, middle school, high school and college levels and has served as an adjunct instructor for the University of Alabama MSW program for many years. A former college athlete and lifelong sports enthusiast, his research interests focus upon support networks and programs for student-athletes as they transition out of sport. He is also interested in ways to improve kidney dialysis services. His advisor is Dr. Aidyn Iachini, and he also works closely with Dr. Teri Browne on kidney dialysis research and Drs. Richard Southall and Mark Nagel from the College Sport Research Institute at USC. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for seven years and he has two children, Jack and James. 

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