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BeccaGeigerRebecca Geiger, an MSW ’17 graduate student, is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) class of 2013. There she majored in sociology in the Applied Concertation, and minored in History and Women’s Studies. Because of her Applied Concentration, Ms. Geiger was required to complete an internship and engage in service learning, helping her to gain advance knowledge and experience while attending school.

After a two-year stint of working outside of  human services, Rebecca decided that she wanted further her education. Taking in the advice of her undergraduate mentor and many others, she decided to pursue a Master of Social Work. She ultimately chose the University of South Carolina because of the program’s hands-on approach and field work opportunities. Additionally, she was very interested in the certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies that the university offered. 

The young scholar enjoys reading, watching movies, and hanging out with family and friends. As an assignment for her Women and Gender Studies class, Rebecca recently wrote a book review for Girl Up by Laura Bates. For the assignment, students were required to select a book, read it, and write an academic book review. In her review, Rebecca discusses the application of Girl Up to primary prevention of sexual assault curricula, as well as curricula for Social Work and Women and Gender Studies courses. Advised by her professor to seek publication for their reviews, she decided to submit her review for publication. While Rebecca viewed publication as a long-shot, she felt strongly that she needed to protect her intellectual property, “intersectional tokenism,” a phrase she coined in the review. She submitted her review and was ultimately approved for publication. The literary analysis will soon be published in AFFILIA: Journal of Women and Social Work.

The overall message Rebecca hoped to convey through this review is three-fold. First, she wanted to review a Popular Feminist Nonfiction text, given the genre has exploded in recent years with academia failing to discuss and analyze its contribution to the theories and fields of feminism and social justice. Second, Rebecca discusses the importance of feminist nonfiction writings and how such texts can serve as essential resources when writing and implementing primary prevention of sexual assault curricula. Finally, she highlights the importance of inclusivity and intersectionality, both in sexual assault curricula and programs, as well as in the classroom for social work and women and gender studies course.

 Rebecca hopes to one day become a Director of Sexual Assault Prevention or Director of Women’s Center on a college campus. There, she would like to write and implement her own primary prevention curriculum for college populations. Through her work, Rebecca hopes to reduce the perpetrations of sexual assault and violence, as well as increase in bystander intervention to prevent sexual assault. The College of Social Work thanks Rebecca for her contributions thus far to the profession and her deep-rooted passions.

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